Eps foam board can be used in various building structures, such as walls, roofs, floors, partition walls, etc., can provide good thermal insulation, and has strong stability and durability. In terms of industrial products, eps foam board also plays an important role, can be used in cargo containers, gas storage tanks, water storage tanks and other areas. In short, eps foam board is a powerful polymer material, eps foam board in the construction, packaging, thermal insulation and industrial products and other fields have a broad application prospects.

Polystyrene foam board, also known as foam board and eps board, is a white object made of expandable polystyrene beads containing volatile liquid foaming agent, which is heated and formed in the mold after pre heating. It has the structural characteristics of micro closed holes, and is mainly used for building walls, roof insulation, composite board insulation, thermal insulation of refrigerators, air conditioners, vehicles, ships, floor heating, decoration and carving.
Advantage 1. Protect the main structure of the building and extend its lifespan. Due to the external insulation layer being placed on the outer side of the structure, it reduces the stress caused by structural deformation due to temperature changes and reduces the erosion of harmful substances and ultraviolet rays on the structure in the air.
2. Effectively eliminate the use of internal insulation in the past, which is difficult to avoid, while external insulation effectively prevents the generation of thermal bridges and prevents condensation.
3. To improve the moisture and temperature situation of the wall, a vapor barrier layer is generally required for internal insulation. However, the temperature permeability of the external insulation material is much stronger than that of the main structure, and condensation generally does not occur inside the wall. The overall wall body temperature of the structural layer is increased, further enhancing the insulation performance of the wall.
4. It is conducive to maintaining stability at room temperature by using external wall insulation. Due to the large thermal storage capacity of the structural layer on the inner side of the wall, it is conducive to maintaining stability at room temperature.
5. Increase the usable area of the house. It can avoid damage to the insulation layer caused by secondary decoration.
Product features: 1. Low density, high recovery rate, and independent bubble structure.
2. Low surface water absorption and good anti permeability performance.
3. It is resistant to acid, alkali, salt, oil and other organic solvents, and has excellent aging resistance. Not flowing at high temperatures and not brittle at low temperatures.

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Expanded polystyrene (styrene) products have excellent permanent thermal insulation properties, unique seismic cushioning properties, aging resistance and water repellency, as well as good flame retardant properties. It provides high-quality materials and services for construction enterprises, vehicle supporting, ship transport, road and bridge construction, and refrigeration equipment heat insulation and heat preservation; it is also widely used in light steel sandwich panels, wall line modelling, shrinkage joint filling, art decoration and advertising sculpture modelling. Our products are divided into two kinds of plates and packaging, we can provide customers with 10mm-1000mm plates, 1900# and 1400# packaging models, we can also customise shaped products for our customers, the customer's demand is our company's goal, in order to win-win situation, common development.
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