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1, load: the first point is the plastic pallet load problem, the load of plastic pallets is greater than the load of goods, so that in addition to ensure the safety of transport, but also will not let the plastic pallet because of overweight and be damaged. In addition, we should pay attention to the center of gravity of the goods contained can not exceed two-thirds of the width of the plastic pallet, otherwise it is not safe.

2, size and versatility: customers in the purchase and selection of plastic pallets, be sure to consider the size of the pallet and its versatility, so that in the use of the time will be more convenient, but also more able to play the performance of the pallet, to extend its service life.

3, storage: plastic pallets are best stored in a bundled way, can be used to pull deep, glued, and bundled these ways, so that when the bundle is not the pallet will not be damaged, and storage is also more convenient. Because the type of plastic pallet structure has a great difference, in the storage of the best classified storage, so that you can save space, but also will not affect the placement of the pallet. (YuZhiLong also want to remind a point: the goods need to be placed evenly, do not focus on stacking, and do not stack eccentrically, according to the correct and reasonable stacking way to stack the goods in the pallet.)

4, suitable handling equipment: in the use of handling equipment, to consider whether the size of the cargo difference is suitable for the use of plastic pallets, such considerations can avoid size differences, but also to avoid propping up bad plastic pallets.

5, the operation of the pallet: in the operation of the operation, when the pallet on the shelf, need to use the shelf type pallet, the load-bearing capacity needs to be determined according to the structure of the shelf, and strictly prohibit the use of overload; also consider the fork spur can not hit the side of the pallet, so as not to cause the pallet broken, cracked.

The fast rolling shutter door is an indispensable facility for modern industrial plants, logistics warehouses and passages. It has windproof, dust-proof, sound insulation, heat insulation and other functions. It adopts automatic control induction device and soft door curtain to induce moving people or objects (such as forklift, etc.), automatically open up at the speed of 0.5 m / s, and automatically close after people or objects pass through the door opening; It is also equipped with a comprehensive safety protection system to improve additional safety guarantee and ensure smooth logistics in the plant and warehouse. With its beautiful and fashionable appearance, easy maintenance and stable performance, it is widely used in the regional isolation of pharmaceutical, food, electronic and clean plants (1000-100000 level), cigarette, printing, textile, supermarket and light industrial plants that are frequently opened. The fast stacking door is suitable for the internal and external doors of logistics channels, large-area openings, and high wind protection requirements. It can meet the requirements of high-performance logistics and clean places, save energy, improve the air-conditioning effect, high-speed automatic shutdown, and improve the efficiency.

Xi'an Kaitai door industry Co., Ltd. is a door manufacturing enterprise focusing on the design, development, production, sales and installation of fast doors, industrial doors, roller shutter doors, garage doors, motor door controls and other related products.

The main varieties of production and operation are: fast door, garage door, industrial lifting door, industrial sliding door, industrial swing door, industrial folding door, industrial roller shutter door, special door, window opener, etc. Products are widely used in factories, warehouses, garages, shopping malls, villas, residential areas and other places of various industrial and mining enterprises and institutions.

The company has design department, production department, sales department, engineering department, maintenance department, procurement department and other relevant departments. Xi'an Kaitai door industry adheres to the business principle of "high quality, low price and honest service", follows the enterprise philosophy of "integrity, harmony, high quality and innovation", constantly innovates and pursues excellence, cultivates a group of high-quality management personnel, business personnel and technical backbone, sets up a professional R & D team, cooperates with domestic and foreign counterparts, introduces high-quality products and forward-looking technologies, and has accumulated rich production Manufacturing, installation and after-sales experience. The company has set up professional installation, maintenance and after-sales subsidiaries to serve super customers with super products and installation technology.

In January 2014, the trademark "oppotech" was approved for registration, and "oppotech" will become the symbol of Kaitai industrial door products, which also indicates that Xi'an Kaitai door industry has taken a solid step on the road of brand construction.

In January 2019, the company obtained the ISO9001 quality system certification, strictly controlled the quality, implemented the quality tracking system, and provided high-quality, safe and reliable products and services to our customers.

Our customers include: China Railway No.1 Bureau, China Railway No.4 Bureau, China Railway No.20 Bureau, Xi'an high speed railway, Institute of Optics and mechanics of Chinese Academy of Sciences, BYD, Shaanxi Automobile Group, YueDi new energy automobile, Samsung Electronics, 401 Institute of China Aerospace No


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