“Taitung Fun Card” takes you on an easy tour of eastern Taiwan


TAITUNG, Taiwan--(haixunshe)-- 2019--Taitung, located in Eastern Taiwan, it has be selected as “2016 Asia’s 10 major tourist attractions” by Lonely Planet and won the Booking.com “2018 10 major emerging tourism cities.” Taitung Government issued Taitung fun card and it combined eat, drink, accommodation, car rental and other activities in Taitung. For those travelers who want to explore Taitung , there is a limited number of “international passenger package” at $1 NTD only to enjoy the unlimited usage of WiFi within 3days.

Taitung County Green Island Underwater postbox. Dive into the bottom of the Green Island, send a postcard from the Underwater postbox 

There is only 1000 copies of “hot air balloon” limited version of Taitung Fun card. There are two independent versions of Taitung Fun Card “International passenger package” one is “i-Chihshang one day pass”, the other one is ” Mountain and Sea free 2 days pass” Passengers can independently choose to experience the mountain views, the falling waves, beautiful waterfront, or enjoying the sunrise, playing with fish or enjoy the delicious food. You can also experience hot spring in Jhihben and Jinlun.

For international travelers, you can enjoy 3rd Wifi unlimited usage for adding 1 NTD, or you can choose to buy Wifi service for several days. Taitung Fun Card launched a QR-code card-free programme, a wide range of experiences such as in room shopping, and there are many goods that you can choose online and then you can go to the store to exchange the goods by scanning the QR code.

Taitung fun card launched a half-day tour of 2 people, and need to make reservation three days before departure days. They can have a chance to go to the small farmers or tribes, to enrich your journey! You can enjoy endless views of the Pacific Ocean, and you can enjoy the clear and sparkling stars in the evening. People can enjoy the large and beautiful land as well as the slow and comfortable pace.

You can purchase “Taitung Fun Card” at the official website, to enjoy the most convenient way for a trip to Taitung.

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